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No, all you need is your email address.

You can stay up to date with KOUROSS and be informed of sales, promotions, alerts, and trends, by entering your email here or by registering your details at one of our physical stores.

1. Select your desired item and click ‘Add to cart’. Once you’ve selected all the items you want, you can review your items and check out under ‘Summary’.

2. Insert your payment method, email address, and delivery details to finalise your order. We will confirm your order, and you will receive a tracking number as soon as your item is dispatched.

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Yes you can- find our number here (link) to be connected with Customer Service. You can check the hours that Customer Service is available to help you here (link).

You can place an order by sending us a direct message on our Instagram or Facebook page.

You can view our conversion chart by clicking “Size Guide” on the item’s page.

You can change or cancel your order provided that the item has not been shipped yet. If the item has been shipped already, you may be eligible for a refund via returning your item. For custom pieces, please contact Customer Service here (link). You can find more information on our Refund & Return Policy (link).


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Your can change the currency you shop with by clicking BUTTON WHICH WILL BE CLICKED + LOCATION. Other ways with which we could have the website determine currency: checkout address or browser location

If you pay through PayPal, or by debit card, your card will be charged when your online checkout is complete. If you pay by credit card, the payment will be taken once your order is ready, unless your card issuer reserves the amount in your account immediately. Is this true?

● Visa

● MasterCard

● American Express

● Visa Electron

● PayPal

● Apple Pay

● Revolut

For all methods the payment is made all at once, as we do not accept installments.

We keep your personal confidential, & private.

Shipping, duties & taxes

The shipping charge varies on the destination, dimensions, and weight of your item. Your item destination will be placed in one of three categories: Zone 1 (Cyprus and Greece), Zone 2 (Europe), and Zone 3 (International). The cost of shipping will appear at the checkout stage of your order.

We only offer same day delivery in Cyprus, if the order is placed on a business day before 9 AM. If your item is placed outside of these hours, it can be delivered within 24 hours provided the next day is a business day.

Once your order is confirmed, we will dispatch it within 3 business days. The duration until your item’s delivery depends on the zone in which the delivery address is:

1. Zone 1 (Cyprus and Greece) 1-3 days

2. Zone 2 (Europe) 7-10 days

3. Zone 3 (International) 10-15 days

The above estimates are given with the exception of the occurrence of an event which may delay local or international shipping. You can always track your item via the tracking number provided via email upon your checkout.

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This depends on the zone your delivery address is based in. Zone 1 (Cyprus and Greece) & Zone 2 (Europe) do not require taxes to be paid. If your delivery address is in Zone 3 (International) then there is a possibility according to the legislation of your country to pay import tax

Returns + Exchanges

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The product can be exchanged by being dispatched back to us within 7 days of the arrival of your item. The item must be in the condition you found it, in its original packaging & with tags attached. You can receive either a refund, or credit store for your voucher, excluding delivery costs. For questions on returns and refunds you can contact customer service here (link). To create a return, go to ‘My Orders & Returns’ in your account, or head here if you checked out as a guest.

In order to return an item please contact Customer Service to provide you with all necessary information, and will reply within 24 hours on working days. You can reach Customer Service here (link).

The item must be in its original packaging. You may add additional packaging to make sure the item is fully sealed. Please take care with fragile items and make sure they are marked as “Fragile”. If the contents of your package are damaged due to incorrect packaging, you may not be eligible for a refund. Make sure that the correct address is attached to your package. You can find our address here (link). Add “return label”?

Your item must have all its labels and be returned in its original packaging, which does not necessarily have to include its box for shipping- however you must then make sure to provide the necessary suitable packaging yourself to avoid damaging the item.

Refunds will usually appear within 10 business days, and are issued via the original payment method. The number of days depends on the processing time of your payment provider. You can track your package by choosing to add a tracking number when you dispatch your returned item. As soon as your item has been received by us we will send you an email to confirm your refund. You can follow the progress of your package with our courier using the tracking number assigned to your returns label. To ensure your refund is as quick as possible, it needs to meet the conditions of our

The original delivery cost, any taxes paid, and the cost of sending it back to our shop, won’t be included in your refund. Your refund will only include the price of the item as it was when it was purchased.

You cannot return a customised item as it has been made specifically to cater to your taste and its ability to re-sell is not guaranteed.

Product authenticity & availability

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You can be notified if a sold-out item becomes available again, by clicking on ‘Size Unavailable?’ on the item’s page. Select the size you desire, and enter your email address, and we will inform you when the item is back in stock in your size.


You can be notified if a sold-out item becomes available again, by sending us an email here (link) and we will personally inform you when the item is back in stock in your size.

We don’t offer reservations in order to give a fair shopping experience to everyone at all times.

All items are authentic as branded and advertised.

There are several ways in which your order can be packaged. It can be packaged regularly in our sustainable packaging material which ensures your item will not be damaged on its journey, or you can select custom packaging through the gift box option. For more information on the gift box option click here (link).

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