Sir Paul Smith is one of the most famous British fashion designers of high-end men’s clothing. Knighted by none other than Queen Elizabeth II in 2000, Smith is known for his unique casual and formal garments seen in luxurious boutiques all over the world. When he originally started his fashion company back in 1970, Smith focused primarily on men’s fashion and accessories. It didn’t take long for the brand to catch on to the world’s fashion stage, so Smith ended up expanding it to meet the needs of a larger circle of fashionistas. From initially only men’s designs, he expanded to women’s clothing as well.

Our luxurious boutique offers a glimpse of some of Paul Smith’s most fashionable creations. Here you can discover his latest designs, as well as browse new arrivals and various other highly fashionable categories of men’s high-end clothing. Paul Smith’s unique clothing designs For Him were awarded the Royal Designer for Industry distinction in 1991, which is undoubtedly one of the highest achievements in the British fashion scene. Thanks to his exquisite point of view and perspective from which he observes modern art and fashion, Smith has gained inspiration to create playful designs that combine classic style and tradition with a modern and youthful twist.

Thus, his designs stand on a line between high fashion and formalwear, which truly sets him apart from the rest of the British fashion designers. If you are looking for a high-end combination of casual and formal styles, Paul Smith’s designs will help you draw attention and make an excellent first impression wherever you go. Browse our Boutique to find some of the latest and finest Paul Smith men’s clothing choices and enjoy the luxury of high-end garments and accessories available today.