KOUROSS renowned “made to measure” service was explicitly made for you: for when you need a suit which is much more than a ready-to-wear garment.Designed by only the best craftsmen and entirely hand-sewn, it is perfectly stitched to your personal measurements and made to acquire that much desired perfect fit. With KOUROSS’ made-to-measure suits, you can choose the details to fit your individual tastes and needs. From internal trimmings to stitching your initials, adding interior jacket linings and fashionable buttons or any type of pockets you require, you are the one who makes the choices.

And the process? Effortless. Just visit one of our five stores in order to have an initial consultation with one of our expert craftsmen. As a first step, they will take your measurements and offer their professional advice on any details you require assistance.

Following the consultation, 4-6 weeks later to be more specific, your suit will be finished and ready to try on. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to fine-tune any additional aspects of your suit. At times, there might need to be an extra fitting, depending on potential alterations you might require.The final step of the process is the last fitting. This is where you try on your suit and should it be exactly how you wished it to be, pick it up on the same day.The price of the suit will depend on the level of customisation and the quality of the fabric and other features you select.

Fabric and detail selection
and measurements

4 to 6 weeks
for the suit to be delivered

Final fitting
and pick up of the suit


Book an appointment now or visit us and an in-store specialist will book an appointment for you.