Iceberg is a popular Italian fashion design house which specialises in designing and selling luxurious sportswear and casual outfits. The brand was founded by Silvano Gerani along with Giuliana Marchini back in 1974. The company initially specialised in creating luxurious knitwear, but as the brand got more popular, they expanded into designing jeans and leather clothing as well. Today, Iceberg is one of the most exquisite designers of luxurious sportswear that combines a high-end and casual style of clothing. It is important to mention that Iceberg as a brand was one of the earliest proponents of fashionable sportswear.

Even though they started small, Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchini managed to expand their business across Europe and open branded boutiques in many countries on the continent and beyond. Thanks to such rapid success, the fashion design house quickly became a member of the Gilmar Group which was founded in 1962. There was no doubt that the Iceberg brand would find its way to the 21st century and adapt to the rapidly changing fashion stage of today. The brand experienced its peak in the 1980s when it became the most popular label of the Italian youth scene. Recently, Iceberg has made a dramatic comeback to the fashion scene with the introduction of new collections that combine luxury and sportswear.

The best proof that a fashion brand can stand its ground is witnessing its products worn by celebrities. Iceberg is undoubtedly a popular choice among many influential figures. Its products were worn by Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, and even Lil Flip, who made references to the brand in many of his original songs. You can browse the Iceberg Dynamic Menswear Collection, as well as many other luxurious sportswear choices at our high-end fashion boutique for men with style and class.