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KOUROSS : Fall/Winter 17-18 Campaign , time and confidence.

Time : being confident is the realisation of time. Build up your self-esteem and confidence with pieces from collections by your favourite designer labels such as Versace , Cavalli Class , Hackett London , Iceberg and many world class brands . The latest campaign is inspired by the modern gentleman who seeks for quality in his life and has impeccable taste for the pattern and texture for his clothes. From casual to formal , to extraordinary - the new campaign features world's top ranked model Nikolas Michael as the man of KOUROSS.

The Blazer : When the invite says smart casual don't panic!

The importance of a good blazer is not to be overlooked. One of the most elegant and versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe, consider the blazer a true gem of your fall winter style, addressing the bridge between casual and formal with all-embracing sophistication. When the invitation says ‘smart-casual don't panic, the solution lies in your wardrobe.

Discovering KOUROSS Made to Measure

Have you experienced KOUROSS made to measure suit service? Made by the best craftsmen and completely hand-cut and stitched to your personal needs, the Made to Measure service is for the man looking for that extra touch to his style. These suits are made from patterns that can be adapted to fit the shape of the wearer's body. They are also half-canvased making for a sharper and smoother fit down the entirety of your two or three piece, particularly suitable for super-lightweight fabrics. Extra details such as internal trimmings, initials , linings, buttons and pockets can all be chosen by you in store meaning you…